Ions can assist snoring? Surgical assistance may include nasal, palatal or tongue and neck surgery. The surgical procedure will depend on the location of the tissues contributing to snoring. viagra generic Nasal surgery may include improving the nasal airway by straightening the nasal septum (mid line nasal cartilage partition), shrinking the lining tissue of the nose, particularly where this has been troubled by allergy or by the removal of nasal polyps. Previous nasal injury involving the external nose and the nasal septum may require correction. The flapping of the soft palate in snoring may be assisted by palatoplasty involving either high frequency radiowave or c02 laser surgery. Newer procedures for more severe forms of snoring including radiowave shrinkage of the back of the tongue as well as procedures to bring the tongue tissues forward may be of assistance in selected cases. The removal of excess neck fat through liposuction or liposhaving techniques may contribute to assisting the control of snoring in some cases. How effective is surgery? viagra online in australia Where nasal airflow difficulties contribute to snoring, then nasal surgery alone may cure or significantly improve the symptoms in 30% of snoring patients. Those still snoring may require additional measures. Most patients undergoing palatal surgery will experience a significant improvement in snoring. what mg viagra 70% to 80% of palatal surgery patients will have an improvement within two to three months of the initial procedure. Dependent on the technique, some patients may require supplementary surgery to further assist control of their snoring. online generic viagra Must i have my surgery in hospital? Nasal and palatal surgery can be performed on a day surgery basis. This may be performed either in a stand-alone surgical facility or within a hospital on a "go home the same day" basis according to the procedure. Can surgery be repeated if it is initially unsuccessful? viagra pills Yes. there generic brand viagra Dependent on the surgery, continued problems can be assisted by further revision procedures. Palatal surgery may require between one and three procedures. Is surgery painful? order viagra Nasal surgery is minimally uncomfortable. The main difficulty is blockage of the nasal airway for the first week after surgery and the dry mouth that results from this. what mg viagra Most discomfort is readily handled by simple pain medications such as paracetamol (panadol). Surgery of the palate is variously painful dependant on the procedure and on the patient's individual pain thresholds or ability to withstand discomfort. Radiowave treatment (submucosal radiowave palatoplasty) of the palate is usually discomfortable for up to two or three days ater the procedure, but the patient can usually return to work the following day. discounted generic viagra Laser palatoplasty is a much more discomforting procedure. The discomfort may last up to a week but rarely longer. The operation itself is usually pain free following the establishment of a local anaesthetic. There may be some discomfo. generic viagra without prescription Website Coming Soon! Stay Tuned


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