To the symptoms of spinal stenosis (spinal claudication), and tests on the blood supply to the legs may be needed to determine which is causing the symptoms. where to buy daily viagra Other causes include diabetes or vitamin b12 deficiency, both of which can be diagnosed with simple blood tests. Will i get better without treatment? buy viagra online generic The course of the problem has some uncertainty, but a general rule can by applied that 20% will improve with time, 60% will stay the same and 20% will worsen with time. What treatments are available? Treatment options fall broadly into three categories. buy generic viagra Physical therapy improving spinal mobility, strength and overall fitness may improve symptoms to a satisfactory level. Static cycling is extremely good exercise. Patients generally do not experience as much pain as when they walk because the spine is in the flexed or bent position, thus increasing the space available for the nerves. It is important to note that the presence of pain does not indicate that damage is being done to the spine. Simple pain control, using over the counter medication such as paracetamol or anti inflammmatories, such as ibuprofen, are extremely helpful. Nerve pain modifying drugs such as amitriptyline, or gabapentin may also be useful in controlling the pain. Spinal injections spinal injections are extremely useful in some patients to help to relieve the leg or back pain symptoms associated with spinal stenosis. viagra generic They may also be useful to assist in localising the area within the spine, which is causing the symptoms prior to planning surgery. They have the advantage of being performed under local anaesthetic and although there are potential risks and side effects, these are extremely rare. viagra online canada overnight They can also be repeated if required. Epidurals are an injection into the spinal canal that will treat the whole area of the lumbar spine. They seem to be more helpful for leg pain but may be of some benefit for back pain. Nerve root blocks, periradicular injections, root canal injections, or transforaminal epidurals are some of the names given to injections around a nerve. order viagra online They can be very helpful for leg pain, particularly symptoms in just one leg. viagra samples They are also helpful with localising the area of the spine, which is causing the problem, prior to planning surgery. Often by blocking the nerve pain with anaesthetic the symptoms will improve permanently or give a period of prolonged pain relief. It is estimated that 60% of patients will have significant relief of symptoms. Surgery if symptoms. viagra price in egypt Website Coming Soon! Stay Tuned


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