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Home >> diseases of children >> bronchial asthma and asthmatic to como >> chorea minor_p1 chorea minor choreic, disease, motor, pathologic, changes, movements and disturbance page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 chorea minor the prominent symptom in the disease which we designate chorea minor, infectious or sydenham's chorea is the choreic motor disturb ance. buy viagra on line without prescription Viagra reviews forums As recently' analyzed by forster, it is compounded of peculiar reaching "spontaneous movements" and "choreic disturbances of coordination. buy online viagra buy viagra overnight delivery " in this way the well-known characteristic picture is produced. generic viagra online viagra 10mg cost The character of the movements does not, however, in itself suffice for a diagnosis of minor chorea; the choreic motor disturbance is merely a symptom which also occurs in other organic functional and 11cfvous diseases. Liquid viagra when to take Brief mention may be made of simple chronic and progressive chronic family (huntington's) chorea; hysterical chorea; and the cher& variable des degeneres (brissaud), which develops in degenerates; electrical chorea; posthemiplegic chorea; and similar more or less partial forms of chorea. generic viagra lowest prices They will be referred to again at greater length in discussing the difterential diagnosis. viagra prescription uk Clinical picture. buying viagra on line —minor chorea is a subacute disease of child hood and early youth, which ends in recovery after a few weeks or months. viagra effects video The choreic motor disturbance, as a rule, affects all the vol untary muscles, although frequently it is more prominent on one side of the body than on the other; the disturbance is never confined to a single extremity; it is never associated with spastic cerebral palsies, like postapoplectic chorea; on the contrary, the eases, without excep tion, exhibit a flaccid, partial paralysis (chorea mollis or paralytica). trusted on line sites to buy viagra During sleep the choreic movements cease. The disposition of the pa tients is usually affected; they are given to sudden changes of mood, are readily moved to laughter or tears; there is an utter want of con centration and inability to fix the attention or perform any mental work; the children are excitable and easily frightened. Viagra 10 mg precio chile Psychic con ditions are not rare in individuals who have passed the age of child hood. can u overdose viagra A definite relation has also been established between chorea minor, rheumatism and endocarditis; this connection is not observed in other forms of chorea and strongly suggests that chorea is to be regarded as an infectious disease. buy cheap generic viagra u. k Our reason for adhering to the general custom of describing the disease among the functional nervous disease:, is that the symptoms of bacterial or microbic infection, such as fever epidernieity, etc. cheapest viagra on the web , are absent or very insignificant, so that it is apparently at least a pure n. viagra effects video viagra no yahoo This page belongs to a member of the Ashtron Network.

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